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Dermatology on Bloor has been recognized by Consumer's Choice as a top cosmetic dermatology clinic in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
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Pellevé, the nonsurgical skin tightening system for a more youthful facial appearance

One of the newest procedures offered at Dermatology on Bloor is the Pellevé Wrinkle Reduction System for nonsurgical skin tightening. The Pellevé treatment is able to tighten and firm the skin that has mild to moderate wrinkling or sagging, by working from the inside out; however, it is not deemed effective for very loose skin. This treatment uses high frequency radio waves (hRF) to target and heat collagen in the subdermal skin layer. This causes the existing collagen to contract and stimulates collagen growth, producing a mild tightening of the skin. In addition to tighter skin, patients can expect less visibility of wrinkles, as well as improved overall skin quality and appearance.

The Pellevé treatment is a relaxing and comfortable procedure that is sometimes described as feeling like a warming facial massage. There is no downtime required following the Pellevé treatment, as the epidermis is left undamaged. The only side effect noted in studies with Pellevé is some mild redness for a few hours following treatment. Patients will enjoy immediate results with the first session, and continued improvement for up to six months due to growth of collagen from stimulation. Patients interested in a low-risk treatment will find this to be the perfect choice. Ideal results are normally achieved over three to five treatments scheduled every three to four weeks. Laser treatments may be used to deliver similar results, but patients will experience downtimes and recovery periods.

The doctor performing the procedure will customize the treatment plan for each patient and select the appropriate hand piece to concentrate the waves to precisely targeted areas. This makes Pellevé safe for use on any areas of the face, including the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Pellevé is not a substitute for cosmetic surgery. The natural results are appealing to patients who do not want drastic changes to their appearance. Rather than looking as if they have “had work done,” patients can enjoy a naturally younger and healthier image.

We put academic qualifications, many years of combined experience, and training in a variety of special interest areas to work for your healthy, radiant skin. Our providers – Drs. Schachter, Hanna, Abdulla, Pollack, and Taradash – welcome new patients for treatment at the Dermatology on Bloor practice on Park Road in Toronto. Our team is here to serve your needs.

To inquire into Pellevé and the beauty of smoother skin, Toronto residents are encouraged to call Dermatology on Bloor to schedule a consultation appointment. We would love to share with you all the possibilities we have available to unlock your overall beauty.

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