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Dermatology on Bloor has been recognized by Consumer's Choice as a top cosmetic dermatology clinic in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
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Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis for Toronto patients

Laser Genesis is a state-of-the-art technology that gives patients reprieve from fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, scars, and uneven texture. With several Laser Genesis treatments, Drs. Schachter, Hanna, Curtis, Abdulla, Pollack and Taradash can help patients find a more youthful appearance, reduce scarring, reduce bruising and feel more confident about their skin's health and appearance. Best of all, the procedure produces results for ALL SKIN TYPES without the need for downtime to recover after a treatment.

Laser Genesis works by heating dilated capillaries and stimulating collagen growth. Because the skin needs time to heal and regenerate collagen, results are not immediate. However, the team at Dermatology on Bloor in Toronto has found that many patients appreciate the subtle and more gradual changes to their appearance. Most often patients will need four to six treatments to address their skin care concerns. The exact treatment plan will be determined by your physician during your initial consultation.

The Laser Genesis treatment is performed with few side effects. The most frequently reported side effect is pink or red skin, but this usually only lasts a few hours. As the days after treatment pass by, patients will see subtle changes to their skin as scars become less pronounced, pores shrink, discoloration improves, and texture is evened out. Laser Genesis rejuvenation therapy can even help to speed the recovery of post-procedure bruises, to the point of the bruise disappearing before your eyes. Over time Laser Genesis can become a great piece of the skin care regimen to keep the skin’s tone and texture beautiful.

The entire team at Dermatology on Bloor is committed to helping patients with skin rejuvenation in transformation for both the health of the skin and the cosmetic appearance. If you’ve been considering professional dermatology services to improve your skin, call our practice to schedule a consultation. One of our physicians will meet with you to discuss your desired results, your health and other factors that must be considered before deciding if laser treatment is the best option for you. The team has a wide range of treatments to help patients achieve the results they want in the least invasive and most efficient manner possible. For more information, call today.

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