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Square face

You may naturally fall into one of six basic face shapes - oval, round, square, heart, diamond, or oblong. Mother Nature may intervene to change the shape of the face you've grown to know.

As we all age, changes occur deep in our skin and in the subcutaneous tissue between our skin and muscles, causing our face to change.

A once delicate yet well-defined jawline will blend in with the neck. Because shape is such a fundamental part of our face, as the blank canvas for our other features, it can be disconcerting to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself.

Natural Reshaping

When we're younger, each part of our face is distinct. As we age these compartmentalized areas of our face don't smoothly transition into each other. We have hollow and shallow areas where fat used to be, or loose skin in once firm regions.

In addition to the subcutaneous fat shrinking, the collagen fibers responsible for firmness in the mid-layer of our skin are not as plentiful. These factors together play a big part in the loose and sagging skin that can draw our face downward, adding heaviness to what was a pointier chin or a more balanced shape.

As we age, the habits we have developed through the years can catch up with us, with surprising results.

You may not think chewing gum regularly could change the shape of your face. Or you may have picked up bad habits along the way, such as clenching or grinding your teeth at night while you sleep (bruxism).

When you chew gum or grind your teeth a lot, the masseter muscle that does the chewing is like any other muscle, it gets a workout and can bulks up. Sometimes the muscles become so enlarged that they drastically change the shape of the face to the point an almost oval face and big eyes now look like a box, and you can’t see much beyond the shape of the face to lovely eyes, aquiline nose or any other features.

Square Face Treatment

Overdeveloped muscles in the lower face can get a rest, thanks to purified proteins. When injected into the junction between the nerve and masseter, they block the message from the brain that tells the muscle to contract. The result, with multiple injections over time, is a jawline that appears softer.A night guard can help ‘square fact’ if teeth grinding is a contributing factor, and it can minimize other issues, like dental problems and headaches.

You may also benefit from some of the following procedures that also work wonders on fleshy areas caused by the aging process to non-surgically lift the skin, restoring your face to a heart, oval or simply less of a square shape:

  • Soft tissue fillers using poly-L-lactic acid or hyaluronic acid firm up a bottom-heavy face.
  • Resurfacing techniques using infrared or radiofrequency energy tighten underlying tissues by heating affected areas.

Call our square face treatment Toronto experts at 416-922-6869. We'll pair you with a plan that works best for treatment of the specific causes of your square face.

We put academic qualifications, many years of combined experience, and training in a variety of special interest areas to work for your healthy, radiant skin. Our providers – Drs. Schachter, Hanna, Curtis, Abdulla, Pollack, and Taradash – welcome new patients for treatment at the Dermatology on Bloor practice on Park Road in Toronto. Our team is here to serve your needs

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