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Regain confidence with sweating treatment in Toronto

Sweating is a biological process that is vital to health. Without this process, the body would easily overheat in warm environments or during physical exertion. It is not only heat and activity that causes the body to produce sweat. We also tend to sweat in times of emotional or psychological stress, and may sweat more during times in which hormones are fluctuating. Most often, the almost 1 liter of sweat the body produces in a day evaporates quickly and is never really noticed.

When sweating becomes excessive

We may sweat from glands in our hands and feet, our head, our underarms, and anywhere else on the body. The areas mentioned tend to be those in which excessive sweating may occur. When sweat is noticeable and occurs outside of emotional stress, physical exertion, or heat, quality of life can be seriously impacted. Excessive sweating can get in the way of the enjoyment of normal activities, and can lead to extreme emotional upset. A person who sweats more than what is seen as normal may feel self conscious or embarrassed of his or her condition. People whose palms sweat excessively may avoid touching others, and may experience hindered social interaction.

Often, excessive sweating occurs in one or a few areas, and stops during sleep. If the problem occurs over large areas of the body and seems to persist even during sleep, a physical evaluation from a trusted medical provider should be scheduled. In the instance of focal hyperhydrosis, or localized sweating during waking hours, effective treatment may be found in the Toronto office of your board certified dermatologists.

BOTOX® for excessive sweating

BOTOX® is a purified protein that blocks chemical signals from the brain that command glands to produce sweat. In the absence of these signals, the sweat glands in the treated area stop producing sweat for several months at a time. Treating sweat glands with BOTOX® injections is safe and convenient. Because production is simply stopped, there is no backup of sweat within the glands. In untreated areas of the body, the production of sweat continues as nature intended. Because the effects of BOTOX® treatment remain active in the body for only about six-to-nine months, the results of treatment for excessive sweating will gradually fade and sweat production will resume in the treated area.

Our providers – Drs. Schachter, Hanna, Curtis, Abdulla, Pollack, and Taradash at Cosmetic Dermatology on Bloor has the expertise and the experience you can count on for outstanding care. Call 416-922-6869 to schedule your consultation.

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