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Dimpled Chin

Some of us are born with a narrow indentation or cleft on our chin. Others may develop a rounded, wrinkled groove. The same type of repeated muscle movement that creates marionette lines around our mouth when we smile, or forehead furrows when we’re irritated may cause this chin dimple.

Each time you use a muscle to make an expression, a groove is created under the skin’s surface or epidermis. Initially, a dimpled texture may appear only when lips are pursed together -- known as a dynamic crease. Over time, these grooves may become permanent and turn into what’s known as static lines.

This indentation sticks around when the mid-layer underneath the epidermis shrinks as we age. This dermis contains collagen (for firmness) and elastin (for flexibility), so as it thins out our skin doesn’t spring back as well.

The mentalis muscle may be responsible for your dimpling. Called the “pouting muscle,” its primary function is to control the up-and-down movement of the chin and lips that creates the pout. You might contract the mentalis many times throughout the day and not even realize it.

The chin also helps create a beautiful profile. When your chin is bumpy or recessed, it affects how others see you, from different angles, and it can even give the impression of low self-confidence.

In fact, Chinese “face reading” equates a “weak chin” with a weak personality. Your appearance may contradict how you feel on the inside.

At Cosmetic Dermatology on Bloor in Toronto we can align your inner characteristics with the outer self others see to convey the real you.

Dimpled Chin Treatment

In the 1960s eye doctors began experimenting with a highly-diluted protein preparation to treat crossed eyes and uncontrolled blinking. In the 1990s the treatment evolved to help esophagus-related swallowing problems and excessive sweating.

Within the decade, Canadian doctors were among those advancing the use of this injectable medication for cosmetic purposes.

When injected into the problem area, this treatment relaxes the muscles that cause the dimpling. The relaxed muscles result in a smoother look and an instant lift for your profile -- without going under the knife.

If your chin retreats more significantly, you may need a filler to fill in the hollow area. From there we can use the injectable to smooth the newly plumped chin.

We may be able to do both procedures at the same time, or in conjunction with other treatments. Call 416-922-9620 to discuss your goals and preferences with us.

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