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Cleft Chin? Find your solution in the Toronto area

The chin may not be a part of the face we really think gets much attention. In the instance of a noticeable feature, like a large dimple, the chin may just take center stage. The cleft chin may be referred to in a number of ways: bum chin, dimple chin, or possibly even “butt chin.” Dimpling of the chin is not seen on every face. Why do some people develop this and some not?

Where does the cleft chin come from?

Chin dimples are actually dominant, meaning that if one parent has a chin dimple, a child is more likely to have the same dominant trait. Regardless of size, the dimple in the chin is linked to genetics. It is not a deformity. A cleft may form in one of three ways: Skin may develop a split or indent due to the slight opening left in the bone of the lower jaw during some phase of development. A dimple may also form if separation in the muscle tissue exists, or may simply be a surface dimple. Not every dimpled chin is present at birth. Some people do not begin to notice this trait until adolescence.

To love or to leave

The dimpled chin may be something that a person accepts and, yes, even learns to love. There are several celebrities whose chin dimples are known and loved – think John Travolta or actress Sandra Bullock. Though there is one view that a dimple in the chin can give the appearance of a chiseled face, not everyone who has a cleft in their chin feels satisfied with their appearance. Fortunately, those who wish to reduce the appearance of a cleft may find a simple solution in the office of their Toronto area dermatologist.

Improve the appearance of a cleft chin with minimally-invasive care

In the past, the only option for reducing a cleft chin was with cosmetic surgery in which the points of the chin were “shaved down.” Today, men and women who want to smooth the contours of their chin without the risks and cost of surgery can do so with safe, effective dermal fillers. Dermatology on Bloor provides individualized treatment using one of several soft tissue fillers.

We put academic qualifications, many years of combined experience, and training in a variety of special interest areas to work for your healthy, radiant skin. Our providers – Drs. Schachter, Hanna, Curtis, Abdulla, Pollack, and Taradash – welcome new patients for treatment at the Dermatology on Bloor practice on Park Road in Toronto. Our team is here to serve your needs

To learn more about filling out the chin with minimally invasive care, contact us at 416-922-6869.

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