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Dermatology on Bloor has been recognized by Consumer's Choice as a top cosmetic dermatology clinic in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.
Dermatologist Toronto - Award 2014 Dermatologist Toronto - Award 2013
Dermatologist Toronto - Award 2012 Dermatologist Toronto - Award 2011
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At Dermatology on Bloor, we are committed to helping our patients feel great about the way they look on the outside, as well as feel on the inside. By improving the appearance, patients can enjoy better self-esteem and higher confidence, and enjoy the benefits of enhancing their natural beauty.

Our state-of-the-art practice offers a wide variety of treatments for patients who want to enhance their beauty and appearance. Patients who want to address fine lines and wrinkles on their face may enjoy the benefits of Injectable Neuromuscular blockers or injectable fillers. Patients can benefit from laser vein removal or sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider veins and varicose veins. Those who want to improve their skin tone and texture, while addressing skin disorders and concerns, can benefit from cosmetic lasers and photo rejuvenation. We also offer laser hair removal to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair—for good!

Patients who are struggling with common skin concerns will benefit from the experienced team at Dermatology on Bloor. We have the expertise to deal with all of your skin concerns.

We offer many different lasers and advanced medical devices as well as medications and topical skin care products to eliminate or improve skin conditions. Patients no longer have to live with embarrassing, painful skin concerns, and can now seek help to treat them and improve their lifestyles dramatically.

The team at Dermatology on Bloor is proud to provide our patients with a number of safe, effective treatments to improve and transform the face and body. We know that looking good has many advantages, and we’re here to help. We are conveniently located on Bloor in downtown Toronto, and are happy to help new and existing patients with their needs and desires.

If you are ready to enjoy the benefits of a helpful, friendly, qualified staff of dermatologists, contact our practice today to schedule your initial consultation appointment and examination. Find out how amazing it can be to have an experienced staff on hand to assist you in improving and enhancing your natural beauty!

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